Non-Profit & Corporate Training

Cross Cultural Training

Culture goes well beyond race and ethnicity and competency doesn't exist. In order for an organizations mission to manifest itself, they must honor multiculturalism and all its intersections. We help organizations, through introspective and reflective processes, to enhance intra-organizational functioning and mission driven service to clients and stakeholders.  

Leadership Training

Organizations that support their leadership with tools and skills that support growth and development are those that reach sustainable success.  Our leadership training protocols are held either on or off-site and cater to a myriad of leadership styles to ensure overall organizational success.

Board Development

A highly functioning, engaged and active board is critical to any organizations success. We help organizations use new and innovative tools to build cohesiveness and reinvigorate stagnant boards and organize those that have lost their way.    > 

Project Plan Development

The ability to engage in efficient and effective project planning is critical.  We take a deliberate and strategic assessment of both the quantity and scope of projects your team manages to create the most fluid success plan.

Community Engagement & Partnerships

Non-Profit organizations thrive when they have a plan that ties their work to the needs of their local communities. Community Partnerships bring awareness to your organizations mission and work. They also provide a wealth of information on external validity as to how your organizations work is operationalized in the community.