Cross-Cultural Training

Inter-Cultural Adoptions


Forever families come with a dream for the children who become family.  Inter-Cultural adoption training is not about hair products and skin care, it's about creating environments that both support and affirm ones' sense of self.  Reflecting upon historical experiences and addressing contemporary contexts help individuals and families learn to identify environmental risk and protective factors that impact successful outcomes.

Culturally Alert Clinical Training


Evidence demonstrates that outcomes are optimized when systems endorse culturally alert and empathic practices.  Paradigms of culturally alert practices create opportunities for sustainable treatment efficacy.  Our training protocols assist systems in the identification and implementation of tools. practices and funding streams that optimize consumer success.

TK/K-12 Independent, Charter & Public


The school environment plays a significant role in child development and overall learning outcomes. Expectations of teachers and administrators, parental engagement and curriculum development play critical roles in student success.  Our training protocols help systems develop and implement plans that optimize student, family and school success. 

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Training


Although Equity, Diversity and Inclusion  are current 'buzz words', the construct behind them are truly important to team and program cohesion and efficacy.  Equity is null without inclusion and neither exists without diversity and multiculturalism.  Our training protocols address organizations from a systemic and developmental framework to enhance outcomes and maximize success.

Colleges & Universities


Colleges and Universities host a diverse set of students, faculty and staff.  To maximize successful outcomes, it is critical to ensure that inclusive and equitable philosophies serve as the foundation for all policies and procedures.  Academic Affairs, Student Services and Enrollment Services all play a role in the processes of recruiting and retaining students.  Our training protocols ensure that institutions adopt a holistic paradigm to change and success.