Mindful Training Solutions


Improving Retention Rates

The current American college attrition rate has been described as a "National Epidemic". 46% of college students fail to earn a degree after six years in school.
Mindful Training Solutions has identified the following groups as those with dangerously high attrition rates when compared to the general college aged population. African American and Latino males, first generation college students, Native Americans, recent immigrants, English language learners, students with criminal backgrounds and foster youth.
Our program engages both students and faculty in the holistic process aimed at improving outcomes.
Many schools fail to identify the underlying needs of these students, often taking an unsuccessful cookie cutter approach to their support. MTS uses a bifurcated program approach that works with the students directly through existential workshop facilitation and the with the university/college staff through mindfulness training to increase ecological awareness and best practices to support successful student matriculation.

Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Training in the Professional Role

Specialized Training Protocol
MTS has developed a specialized curriculum for college and university graduate programs of mental health, education, law and law enforcement. Curriculum can be tailored to fit two or three credit hour plans. MTS defines culture beyond race and ethnic boundaries, including but not limited to: The Culture of Poverty, The Culture of Urbanicity, The Culture of Trauma etc. Your graduate students (JD, PhD, PsyD, MSW, MFT) will be trained on best practices to work with and successfully engage an array of marginalized and under served populations.
Goals & Objectives
Students will complete this series of workshops and be able to recognize and understand key signs of mental health conditions, understand the function and efficacy of available programs and services, employ knowledge and training that reduce the stigma of mental health and develop strategic skills to help students with mental health concerns succeed in the classroom.

Supporting High Achievers

Research supports a significant drop in self esteem for many first year college students with a history of high academic achievement.
Many students begin college each year realizing they weren't the only valedictorian in the country. College students often go from being top notch high school students to becoming a mere number among many other high achievers. Allow MTS to deliver their strength based workshop series to these students, their parents and the professionals who work with them to ensure that their transition to the worlds reality does not result in trauma, self esteem dips, depression, anxiety or other psychic dis-ease.


Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Training

Contact MTS today to tailor this curriculum to the needs of your graduate program. Mental health professionals, educators, attorneys and law enforcement officers must receive specialized training on the risk and protective factors that impact success in diverse cultures.