Mindful Training Solutions


MTS takes a unique approach to train educators and administrators on mindful methods that address a variety of factors and help their students increase opportunities for success. Few professionals gain exposure to the process and impact of a variety of factors germane to student success like ethnic identity development, psychographics, resiliency factors and the impact of professional’s expectations on students.

Great Expectations: Training for Educators & Administrators
The “Rosental Effect”, a well documented socio-psychological theory, proves how expectations from educators and academic leadership impact performance and success.  Allow MTS to engage your school district in a mindful training approach that coaches educators on best practices to:

  • Identify the personal and professional factors that impact expectations
  • Incorporate expectation mindfulness into lesson planning
  • Avoid the risk factors associated with “cultural blindness”.


Ethnic Identity Development Training
The process of Ethnic Identity development is crucial factor in child development that is rarely adequately addressed. MTS can train your administrative team and faculty on the process of ethnic identity development and it’s impact on success across several domains.  This training will provide your school district with mindful methods to ensure that students are supported through their developmental journey and explain how academic success is directly impacted by ones ethnic identity development.

Strength Based Cultural Training for Kids
Discussing culture with children can be challenging to say the least. MTS has created several strength based training protocols that use our Critical Thinking Guides to train educators and parents on best practices to discuss culture and ethnicity with youth.  Most adults avoid the concept totally,to the detriments of our youth. Facilitating strategic, strength based instruction on culture and ethnicity have been shown to provide youth of all cultural backgrounds with tangible and intangible developmental benefits.

Teaming & Community Building: 

Research indicates that a collective, holistic view of mental wellness promotes the most positive outcomes.  Teaming with parents and community partners for mental health wellness will improve long term prognosis for students with mental health concerns and educate school officials on the availability and efficacy of community resources.  Educators will also gain a didactic understanding of county social service systems (DCFS, foster care, mental health service access and delivery).  Many teachers will encounter families involved with social service systems in some capacity and an increased understanding of these systems can help to improve service delivery and a more fluid continuum of care.

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