Mindful Training Solutions


Who We Are

Mindful Training Solutions LLC creates strength based training protocols that support organizational goal attainment.  Our unique training protocols incorporate mindfulness modules that address both the system and the paradigms that drive the executive leadership, the management team and the line staff.  Dr. Donald E Grant Jr, our Executive Director and protocol developer is a professional psychologist with years of experience as a college professor, a child welfare administrator and advocate, a social services clinician, a cultural competency coach, a workshop facilitator and curriculum developer. He creates and facilitates workshops for students, educators, corporations and business executives.

Dr Grant’s  presentation style is entertaining, engaging and insightful. Using mindfulness techniques, he not only informs, but facilitates the participants ability to do the necessary work for goal attainment.  Combining his experience as an executive, a professional psychologist, a middle school teacher and a university professor, Dr. Grant meets participants where they are and challenges them to invest in all aspects of goal attainment.

An insatiable hunger for supporting the disenfranchised and those who serve them stems from his front-line work with domestic violence survivors, homeless families, foster children, and incarcerated youth.  Awareness that he cannot personally help every person in need, he and his organization work to train professionals, students and consumers in strength based, mindful solutions to systemic risk factors.

MTS combines didactic and mindfulness training to garner results not achievable absent this synergy. Mindful Training Solutions LLC individualizes strength based, research driven training and consultation programs that allow your organization to meet identified goals.

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